Our big WHY?​

Findout why we want to you inspired us to be a better us.

Our Vision​

To make meaningful experiences that will connect clinics and patients.

Our Mission​

We work with clinics making Africa’s more enjoyable putting it to the next level for our patients.

Our Values​

First do Good – Our primary focus is to do good, for our patients, clinics, our employees, our partners and our communities. This means delivering great work that benefits all stakeholders.

Listen and Explore – Good listening is the key to developing fresh insights and ideas that fuel success. Exploring the unsaid and challenging assumptions helps us to innovate and uncover unexpected opportunities.

Bring Big Ideas and Open Minds – We love big, bold ideas. We also love collaborating with other smart people to take these ideas to the next level. We are confident – not brash. We respect diverse perspectives and encourage authenticity.

Be Awesome – Being awesome means bringing your best self to all that you do, as a colleague, a partner, and a person. Be brilliant, be inspiring, be creative, be you, and be awesome.