Easyvation Features

Easyvation is the system which includes calendar and order book, managing patients and employees, booking multiple services at once, reports, employee vacation and work days, invoices and patient payments, video calls, patient reviews and mobile application for owners and for staff members. All seamlessly integrated in one scalable software solution.

Reservation calendar

Calendar and order book

Carry and access your order book anywhere and anytime easily with the ability to create a new appointment for an existing or new patient.

In this way, you can plan your working day in advance for yourself and your employees, and the system will inform patients not to forget to come to your premises on a reserved date.

Booking multiple services at once

Add multiple bookings of different appointments for a new or existing patient in a few clicks.

When adding reservations, you can define the start and duration of the appointment, as well as the employee who will work with the patient. And the patient can be your existing or new patient.

Managing patients and staff

Manage your staff working hours and breaks in an easy way through this application. In this way, you can control new bookings, but bookings can be defined outside of working hours if necessary, as well as overlap with an existing date, if the business allows it.

No problem, both types can get a reservation for new or existing patients. And you can view all appointments for all your patients in one place.

Reports and patient reviews in application

Reports show the state of your business, earnings per employee and time. In this way, you can easily and quickly monitor the business of your institution.

Patient ratings and comments can help you improve patient service and feel for both new and existing patients.

Staff vacation and work days

The system is adapted to work with shifts, but it can do without it. Let’s say that your staff works the first shift one week and the second shift the following week, or they always work at the same time or do not have fixed working hours, no problem. The system can support that!

Every staff is entitled to days off, and you can enter them through the application and categorize them into annual, business trips, and the like. according to your needs.

Invoices and patient payments

Do you want to make invoices for your patients and keep records of when which patient paid and how much was paid for which examination? No problem, each reservation can get its own invoice and add additional services that are not reserved and keep track of when and how the patient paid you for the services provided to him.

Track payments and invoices

Mobile applications for staff and clinic owners

Mobile applications for employees and owners of institutions allow your business to be in the palm of your hand and accessible at all times.

In the application for owners, you have an insight into the business of your organization. List of shifts, services, reservations, employee vacation planning and many more options.

In the application for employees you have an insight into your reservations and patients, as well as reviews and a sliver. Assistants can enter new and change existing reservations.

Video calls

In some cases, video calls are the most useful when you need to do a quick check-up or meet with your team to share with them some important information.

When adding a video link creation, the people that the students will receive an email with access information, and you as the video creator invite, determine who will be included, at what time, and you can also include people who are not part of your team or clients, in order to complete interview or consultation.