Simply put, using technology and innovation, we aim to eliminate the waste of time that happens in bars, cafee’s, restaurants, Spa centers, Dental clinics, Recreation centers, Sport and fitness centers, Laundromats, Clinics, Car mechanic, Night clubs, Dry cleaning, Carpet washing etc. Usually, you have to wait for the waiter to make an order, then wait for delivery, then ask for the bill, or glass of water, then wait, etc. All of these issues can be eliminated with 2 clicks, by simply printing QR codes conveniently placed in your place panel of Easyvation, and placing them on your tables, front door, local newspaper, facebook page or any place you like. By dropping the old-fashioned paper menus, and using Easyvation, you transform your tables into smart tables! Your menu become smart menu! Finally the purpose is: Less waiting and more satisfaction for you and your customers, and greatly increased efficiency of your business.

Our goal is to create Easyvation as simple as it can be, so it’s easy to use and it doesn’t require application to use it. However, in future, if there is a need for an application, we might consider it.

No, Easyvation works nicely alongside existing system. It simply allows your customers to instantly connect to the waiter by scanning the QR code on the table and make an order or send a message to the waiter. And can send new reservation and order your service, to home delivery, pick-up and order at place.

QR codes are the most popular and easy to setup and print. Those are less common, but when used, it allows the customer to simply place the phone on the table and pop up your menu on his phone, achieving much cooler effect.

No, you can print QR codes much you need, without any limitation.

Sure. you can turn on or off reservation, order and call waiter. Depend only on your needs and wishes.

No. It’s only a temporary option. When we onboard more owners it will be an application for guests also, where they can search locations, and filter by what they need. For example, come into an unknown city and need some service, like eat something, go into some spa while his car fixed into some mechanic workshop. That is our mission, have complete solution for every customer, to bring more income to owners and more value for your guests.

Oh, we would love to hear about that! Please, if you have any kind of suggestions, feedback, questions etc. send them up at hello@easyvation.com

Join Easyvation platform and become part of our big family. Hurry up, we are waiting for you.