With a simple working day system, you will have more time for patients

Easyvation is a unique system that saves you the time you would spend on administration.

  • no credit cardAfter the free plan expires, you can switch to the paid plan.
  • no credit card The free period is included in all plans and you can try it without obligation 10 days.
  • no credit card Easier, better and faster organization of the working day.
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Stop spinning in a circle and let Easyvation work for you

With your patients’ comments and ratings , you’ll know exactly which parts of your service you need to improve to make your patients come back even happier.

Save time by managing your schedule and business

Reduce absences and delays patients with automatic reminders

See all scheduled appointments in one place and easily change them as needed

Better business is just a few clicks away from you

Join successful clinics that have increased the number of clients, reduced phone calls and messages, and improved business organization.


 better use of working time


 easier monitoring and review of patient comments and ratings


 more appointments per client


 less stress and waste of time


 less delays and no patient appearance


easier organization

Keep up with trends, save your time

Interested in how to achieve better results?

Why clinic should consider investing in a patient appointment system

Appointment scheduling is a fairly self-explanatory term: “It’s an intended arrangement to meet someone at a specific time.”

Here is what we found out benefits scheduling arrangements between clinics and patients:

  • Safer patient journeys
  • Reduced wait time
  • The patient can better plan their day
  • Happier working environment
  • Reduce outpatient cancellations
  • Reduce the time needed for administrative tasks 
  • and much more…

Simple organization

With Easyvation online appointment booking you no longer need to carry an order book out of the clinic or not know what your schedule is for any day.

Improve your service

With your patients ’comments and ratings, you’ll know exactly which parts of your service you need to improve to make your patients come back even happier.

Increase your income

With better organization of business and patients, your income will increase. And everything you need is in one place.

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